Testimonial by Nestor A. Medina, Administrator for Centro Oftalmologico Metropolitano:

Centro Oftalmologico Metropolitano has been practicing ophthalmology in Puerto Rico for more than 40 years. Each month, two generations of highly trained professionals complete nearly 5,000 encounters in four clinics with the support of 75 staff members.

After careful evaluation of various systems and preparing our clinics (hardware, networking connections, cabling, etc.), we made the decision that ifa was perfect for us. The deployment was fast and after several weeks, slowly but steadily, we were back to our normal productivity levels.

It was a challenge bringing structured workflow processes to 16 physicians, each of whom treats the same problems in slightly different ways. In order to minimize the stress of staff training, we traveled to Fort Lauderdale and attended ifa's complimentary Training and Work Sessions to take advantage of their expert assistance. Now, each doctor can work according to their personal preferences, with the EMR capturing data in a format that makes it easy to search and data-mine.

After only four months of using the system, we had seven physicians attest with CMS and they received the incentive money five weeks later.

But the benefits of EMR are more than just stimulus money. With ifa:

  • We can instantly access critical patient information.
  • Through an image management program, we chose to connect 90% of our diagnostic equipment to ifa. That is a huge benefit for our multi-location practice.
  • We used ifa's HL7 interfaces to successfully integrate our PMS without affecting our billing or schedule during the implementation.

We are still making changes to the system as needs arise, and harvesting the full benefits of the EMR takes time; it's a group effort and requires a close partnership between the EMR provider and your staff. But in the long run, it's well worth it.

Nestor A. Medina, Administrator, Centro Oftalmologico Metropolitano