Testimonial by Marjorie Warden, MD at Physicians Eye Care and Laser Center

"Once the five Ophthalmologists at Physicians Eye Care Center decided to convert to Electronic Medical Records, we looked at a number of different programs, and had in-office demos of 3 programs, including ifa Systems. We were looking for a system that would allow us to maintain our normal patient flow (ranging from 30 to 80 patients per day), interface with our existing Practice Management software, and be complete enough to allow the specialized documentation that Ophthalmology demands. Before the demo, I was concerned that ifa was too complex, but quickly learned that this impression was not at all true. 

Because ifa is completely customizable, each physician in the practice now has exam input screens that are based on that individual's charting habits. My screens allow me to input exam findings in the same order and format which I had previously used on paper. We also have a screen specific for the technicians so that their exams are more complete and compliant with insurance company demands. As a result, every physician was back to a full schedule within 2 weeks of implementing EMR. This would not have been possible with other generic systems. 

The customer service has exceeded our expectations. The ifa programmers have been very responsive in helping us work with the system, and the company is constantly working on improvements for the software. It was a unanimous decision to go with ifa, and we are very glad we did."

Marjorie Warden, MD, FACS, Physicians Eye Care Center