Testimonial by Louise T. McGuiness, Practice Manager of Brookhaven Eye Surgery in East Patchogue, NY

Testimonial Louise McGuinness

"We have been using the ifa medical records system for over 10 years. ifa medical records system has been a reliable system: we have not missed one day of patient care since the system was installed. Years ago, when Dr. McGuinness made the transition from paper to EMR, the practice went from an inefficient practice shuffling paper charts from room to room, to an efficient, prosperous practice that is now completely paperless.

Dr. McGuinness was able to easily customize ifa to meet his particular practice needs, and he finds the input of patient data fast, easy, and nearly effortless. All of the instruments used in the office are fully integrated with ifa: the IOL Master, the autorefractor, the Visual Field, the lensmeter, the fundus camera, and the HRT. The integration of these instruments have contributed to fewer errors and a more efficient patient work flow, while providing the highest level of patient safety. We have added scanners at each ifa workstation in order to scan all patient information that must be written or provided on paper, i.e., insurance and billing information, patient records, correspondence, surgical and lab reports, etc. This system has aided patient care at all levels, for instance, when patients call to book appointments, we can effortlessly look up the record in ifa and book accordingly; when patients call regarding medication or medical questions, we have their information within seconds; conversations are easily recorded in patient charts; a chart is never misplaced or lost.

I highly recommend the ifa system as an efficient, reliable, easily customizable system for EMR for ophthalmology. Technical support is easily available through Germany and the US support team, and most often, it is as easy as a mouse click away. I find the staff always willing to help with any request I have."

Louise T. Mc Guinness, Practice Manager