Testimonial by Jay Wisnicki, MD, Founder and Medical Director of Union Square Eye Care:

When I decided to expand, build and relocate my office in 2010, one of my many important decisions included converting our practice to an EMR. The journey had its difficulties, especially in the beginning, but it was well worth it. I'd never go back to paper charts! Some of the many benefits:

  • No more paper, so no more storage, filing, or archiving of charts.
  • Major space savings, even as we grow.
  • Essentially no lost or misplaced charts.
  • Anyone can read our charts easily. No difficulty with "doctor's handwriting."
  • Instant retrieval of charts and patient information by any staff, simultaneously.
  • Patients love it. It's a major WOW factor for our practice.
  • Less documentation errors: data gets transferred directly from clinical equipment into the EMR.
  • Easy remote access
  • Government stimulus reimbursement (we received ours in the beginning of 2012 after attesting 5 weeks earlier).

Why did I choose ifa?

  • An ophthalmology specific software and interface company. It is the only specialty they do, so they are clearly devoted and fully committed to ophthalmology.
  • Decades of experience implementing all sizes and types of clinical settings.
  • Large user base with support systems in place, the largest worldwide in ophthalmology.
  • International, global company

They have become an excellent partner for us and have been very flexible. An EMR vendor is an important long-term decision for any practice in medicine. I am confident I have made the right choice.

Converting and change is difficult. Not doing so is more difficult.

Jay Wisnicki, MD
Founder and Medical Director
Union Square Eye Care