Testimonial by Gina Deveney, the Practice Manager at Burlington County Eye Physicians:

We have six MDs and two Optoms in our group, including cataract, retina, and oculoplastics. The ifa EMR software has made us so efficient that all of our physicians have increased their patient volume -- several doctors have increased 15-20 patients a day (cataract, 80-85 in an 8-hour day; retina, 75-85 in a 5-hour day). It is such an easy system to use, and it reduces your staff and physician time while easily maintaining accurate documentation.

We are currently working on integrating a completely paperless system (no superbills) and implementing processes for meaningful use. In a supervisor meeting last month, we decided to run the Stimulus Statistics graph that ifa has created -- this graph allows you to see what measures, percentage-wise, you are meeting and where you are falling behind. It's a fabulous tool. We had already reached the percentages for almost every measure even without trying. We just completed putting the finishing touches on our ECPP and will begin giving patients a handout to access our patient portal (this will cover Clinical Summaries, Patient Education, and Electronic access all at once). We just ordered signature pads for our surgical coordinators, and our Surgical Center already uses them and highly recommended we follow suit.

The great thing about ifa is that all of their staff is well-versed and knowledgeable in ophthalmology, something you won't find in vendors that aren't ophthalmology-specific software programs. Plus, I can't say enough about the support staff. We can text, email, or call them and you always speak to someone immediately, and usually can get your issue resolved at that time.

They also have quarterly -- and more recently, monthly -- workshops that are both informative and fun. We have been at workshops where we wanted something changed and while you are right there they will sign into your network and make the change immediately. Also, the fact that ifa treats their staff/team like family and makes you feel like you are part of their family, speaks volumes about a company, I believe.

This is our third system. For our first, we were the beta testing office for an ophthalmology-specific software program, but the system was very cumbersome, not quick to move around in and the support was terrible. Then our second EMR we used for two years, but they were not ophthalmic-specific. Besides the fact that our requests were pushed back time and time again to accommodate other specialty's demands, I also had to completely customize our templates (it took four months of working at home every night). This is something that you will not experience with ifa. The only thing you may need to change is where you want information located or create your own letters, which is another plus -- it's very, very easy to use. But otherwise, anything you request is at your fingertips. Our doctors merge the letters themselves -- so no more transcription service!

Gina Deveney
Burlington County Eye Physicians
225 Sunset Road
Willingboro, NJ 08046
609.877.2800 x107