Practice Management Integration

Ifa EHR is a world-class EHR used in 28 countries by more than 17,000 users. With over 30 years of experience, our learnings about Practice Management Systems are threefold.

We know EHR. That is our expertise.

  1. Leave the billing to the billing experts for each location of the practice. Collectively, our users face hundreds of different billing scenarios, based on where the practice is located. There is no way for any exclusively ophthalmic provider of EHR to focus on being the best at providing an EHR, serving the needs of eye care, AND be the best at practice management procedures in hundreds of different billing environments.
  2. Why force a practice to replace a system that is working well for them? There are times that a switch is required. A switch may be very disruptive to a practice’s health, with negative effects on cash flow, patient flow, and staff morale. A fact, learned over many years of replacing other vendors’ systems, is that it’s 5 times harder for a practice to replace a system than to start anew. Re-training staff members, after they know every feature and shortcut of the current system, is a significant challenge that should only be undertaken if the current PMS is not working for the practice (not efficient, not certified, not secure, poor support, or not functioning properly). Besides, ifa is the connectivity company; we can interface with nearly every system available.
  3. Modularity of systems, and not all-in-one solutions, is the way of the future. A practice has to be able to select best-in-class systems, without compromise, for the tasks that each system is to perform. Demand the best of your EHR, PMS, CPOE, and more. Don’t be saddled with a solution for the business side of your practice because you like the clinic solution- or vice versa. Select the best-in-class for all your solutions, and demand that vendors all work together. This is the drive behind the AAO IHE initiative- a fully integrated Health Enterprise.

Select the PMS that works best for your practice.

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