The ophthalmic specific EHR is the key for success!

Ophthalmology is a very individual medical specialty when it comes to EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems and other related health IT applications:

  • Eye care is the area with the most complex structured data sets such as refraction, visual acuity, IOP, gonioscopy, macular thickness, and all templates for pediatric ophthalmology.
  • The ifa EHR system offers more than 80 eye care specific data sets, which is one of the reasons for the high efficiency of the software.
  • Another key requirement is the connectivity with the complete eye care instruments and diagnostic devices (e.g. AR, LM, Computer Phoropter, VF, OCT, etc.).
  • The ifa EHR is the only system with over 500 interfaces and the connectivity guarantee, including DICOM and HL7 interfaces.
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